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Name Region Comments
Carey Herefordshire Scattered hamlet 5m/8km NW of Ross-on-Wye, in Wye valley
Carham Northumberland Hamlet 3m/6km NE of Kelso, on R.Tweed. Battle site 1018
Carhampton Somerset Village 4m/6km SE of Minehead
Carisbrooke Isle of Wight Village 1m/2km SW of Newport joined to SW of Newport. Castle is mainly Tudor (Charles I imprisoned here)
Carlby Lincolnshire Village 4m/7km NE of Stamford
Carleen Cornwall Hamlet 3m/5km NW of Helston
Carleton(!) West Yorkshire Locality 2m/3km NE of Ackworth
Carleton Village Cumbria Penrith suburb just S of central Penrith