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Name Region Comments
Rampton Cambridgeshire Village 3m/5km N of Histon
Ramsbottom Gt Manchester Market town (pop 17k-1991) 4m/7km N of Bury
Ramsbury Wiltshire Village 5m/8km E of Marlborough, on N bank of R.Kennett
Ramsden(!) Oxfordshire Village 2m/4km N of Witney
Ramsden Bellhouse Essex Village 2m/3km W of Wickford
Ramsden Heath Essex Village (pop 2k-1991) 3m/4km E of Billericay
Ramsey(1) Canbridgeshire Small Fenland town (pop 8k-1991) 10m/16km SE of Peterborough. Rems of Benedictine abbey
Ramsey(2) Essex Village 3m/5km W of Harwich