The Inner Secrets of Reality


Here is Paul Mayo’s much-requested first book (of an intended series). It reveals ancient knowledge used for thousands of years to educate and encourage people on the path to enlightenment, or seeking inner peace and tranquillity.

Drawing on the author’s natural insight and vision, his personal experiences of other realms, far-memory, and esoteric knowledge from his spirit-guides, he explores the very principles of reality in a way you may not have encountered before.

Everywhere people struggle with a lack of understanding of life and its processes. Stress and depression lead many into addictive behaviour, mental instability – even self-harm or suicide. Are you dismayed at the selfishness, greed and ignorance that are so common?

This book is Paul’s initial effort to help people reach a better understanding of their own place, value and purpose in the world and thus regain some inner calm and stability. Whether you’re a spiritual aficionado or just curious about the meaning of life, there’s something here for you.

Contents: Introduction; What is life? What Reality? Mind Matters; Origin of Universe; The Five Joys; Order & Chaos; Achieving Balance; Life & Death; Spirit & Soul; The Creation; Aliens & UFO’s; God & Suffering.

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Paul is a mystic and visionary trained in the Western Mystery Tradition. He is also an astrologer with thousands of clients all over the world.