Birth chart for Silvio Berlusconi (Italian PM)
Born 29th Sep 1936, 5:40am Milan, Italy.
Transits (outer grey wheel) and progressions (middle grey wheel) set for Dec 13th 2009.
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2010-11 Forecast for Silvio Berlusconi

(published Dec 14th 2009)
Silvio Berlusconi has a rather exciting, hair-raising, and let’s face it, stressful and quite difficult year ahead of him in 2010, with some completely unexpected twists and turns, jolts and surprises. He will have to remember who his friends are and why he got into bed with them in the first place – otherwise he will have some serious falling out with them – even his closest associates. He should also watch out for what his enemies are up to…

2011 promises to be more difficult still for him, at times almost more than he can cope with. Both years involve some personal upsets and perhaps even tragedies as life heaps on the pressures for him. The result of all this is to change him as a person, knocking some corners off in the process – but people will say it’s a big improvement.

UPDATE: Dec 13th 2009 – Mr Berlusconi’s face was quite badly injured when a psychiatric patient threw a metal model of Milan Cathedral at him!

Astrologers Corner:

Transiting Jupiter and Neptune (co-rulers of Berlusconi’s House of Health) are applying to trine his natal Chiron; transiting Uranus is squaring his natal Chiron. When only outer planets are involved in this way, the accusing finger usually points to someone ‘not quite normal’.

On 16th Dec 2009, three days after the attack, the New Moon falls exactly opposite Mr Berlusconi’s natal Chiron, always a potential indicator of injury, illness or recovery during the three-days-either-side hot-spot.

Wounds sustained via natal Chiron are never killers nor do they indicate the most serious type of injuries, but they tend not to heal without trace and always flare up to give minor trouble or irritation long afterwards.