Attitudes Around the World in 2010 (first published Nov 25th 2009)

There’s no doubt that the breezy Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on the cusp of Aries on June 8th 2010 is zippy and potentially shocking. As this combination occurs in a Metal Tiger year, it suggests there will be some new, interesting and progressive attitudes emerging ‘from nowhere’ all around the world. We’ll see:

Greater willingness to embrace more socially-beneficial systems (social, lifestyle, health, governmental and other radical reforms). Innovative social reforms will start to come more from the grass-roots of society – 2010 is just the first flush of several years of this.

Taking action and cutting corners will supersede procrastination and avoidance as fashionable methodologies, and it is likely that a whole new belief system or exciting popular movement will originate or reach public awareness during 2010, based on the powerful desire to speed things up and cut the crap. Individual and small-group actions will overtake government actions as the prime mover of the most important events and developments.

Honesty and straightforwardness will begin to supersede deception and trickery as the prevailing paradigm, though it will struggle against the old order for many years to come.

In politics, science, technology and many other areas people will say: ‘Let’s see what exciting breakthrough ideas younger heads can come up with!’ People whose views have long been passed over and ignored will also begin to find their voice and their strength.

Vibrant new organisations and companies will begin to replace some of the old and failing institutions; people will say: ‘I don’t think this exact thing has ever been tried before!’  Brilliant ideas and initiatives that initially flourish amazingly then seem to flounder or fail will in fact return in future years to change everything.

In fashion, Metal Tiger years favour the military look, so uniforms (especially the more flamboyant ones) will be ‘in’ for both men and women. The smart, immaculate look; padded shoulders; epaulettes; braiding; gold buttons and bright colours will all be in favour.

In essence, this will be the year of charismatic personalities, sparkling unorthodoxy, brilliant and outrageous ideas – but also of quick-fixing self-serving leaders who refuse to admit when they are in the wrong.