Queen Elizabeth II

HM The Queen

Predictions for 2009-2012

(extract from Paul Mayo’s talk notes published 2009-11-25)

With natal Saturn on her Midheaven (destiny-point) ruling her horoscope, HM Queen Elizabeth was astrologically as well as by birthright born to rule – a job she has done in exemplary fashion, providing stability to Britain and its associated Commonwealth countries, like a true Taurean, for over fifty years. But can British and Commonwealth citizens expect this to continue for ever? The Queen has certainly stated her intention to continue in the role as long as she is able. As she explained it: ‘I like being Queen’.

Queen Elizabeth II Chart
Birth-chart for HM Queen Elizabeth II
21 Apr 1926, 02:40, Bruton St, Mayfair, London.
Transits (outer grey wheel) and progressions (middle grey wheel) set for 2010-01-01, 00:00 GMT.
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In Nov 2009, although we don’t know it (and won’t for a while yet) the Queen at 83 has been wondering how much longer she can continue to fulfil her duties.

She will have another bout of this uncertainty between Christmas 2009 and New Year, brought on by feeling a little unwell.

During 2010 this issue continues to haunt her thinking as she struggles to come to terms with her own decision. She will later refer to this as ‘having to take a painful decision’. Changes in her husband’s state of health will be a key factor.

The total eclipse on 11th July seems to highlight for the media & public the ability of the Queen to continue with her duties; at this stage just raising the question.

The Queen may decide before the end of 2010 (probably in Oct/Nov) when to step aside, most likely at the end of 2012.