Data: 2009-Dec-31 @ 19:24 GMT. Zodiac position: 10CN15

The Dec 31st 2009 Lunar Eclipse, although it’s only a partial eclipse (only the Moon’s Southern limb is obscured by the Earth’s shadow), has a greater symbolic importance for everyone in 2010 as a whole because it comes within hours of the turn of the year. It falls in the Sign of Cancer and will therefore draw attention to national and global insecurities; even programs on TV will cause people to reflect on how insecure life on Earth really is for the human race, and how quickly and easily it could all change. However, this eclipse is also encouraging us all to keep a sense of humour and a proper perspective in our dealings with others. As Cancer is the family sign, this is another major area of focus.

Briefly what it means for your star-sign:

  • Aries: Domestic insecurities and close-relationship issues are highlighted by this eclipse; you’ll find out how far you can go with people (including the boss) if you get caught out taking the mickey.
  • Taurus: Relationships with neighbours, siblings or distant relatives are highlighted, with one of these coming to the fore. A better understanding of why certain colleagues or workmen cause you problems.
  • Gemini: It’s no fun when money matters suddenly need your attention. Will you be able to pay for that wonderful 2010 holiday? At the moment you can’t be sure.
  • Cancer: With the lunar eclipse in your star-sign the spotlight is on you; so watch your P’s and Q’s!  Be more conscious of what you’re doing and take a little extra care over decisions that you’d normally safely make without a second thought.
  • Leo: You just want to keep busy. Your best bet is to clip the Xmas festivities short and get into a decent health and dietary routine again a.s.a.p. Maintaining a good attitude is the key to progress.
  • Virgo: New friendship, old friendship; which will win? At the moment you can’t be sure – but organising your finances should be your immediate priority anyway.
  • Libra: Is this the way forward, or that?  It’s essential to find your way soon otherwise you can’t organise your life properly and therefore won’t know where you stand. An emotionally-complex time.
  • Scorpio: The way forward wasn’t clear in December, but at least you have your dreams and insights to shine a light on how things can be tackled. A recent halt to progress will slowly resolve itself.
  • Sagittarius: An intermittent love life can fade to nothing at a moment’s notice just lately. Anyway, you should be focusing on neglected friends, renewing lapsed insurance or paying any overdue taxes.
  • Capricorn: With so much on your plate you need to stay organised and remain focused at this time, but you mustn’t disrespect other people’s different ways of dealing with things, nor ignore their wishes.
  • Aquarius: Have you got things right in your life? Not quite, yet. There’s no rush on the relationship front but there are other things that do need more attention – the washing machine for a start.
  • Pisces: Life hasn’t been much fun or provided many frolics just lately. But if you have to ask: am I getting enough attention? you should also ask: am I giving enough attention?

Have you noticed that the mentally-ill are grabbing the headlines at the moment? First the Italian Prime Minister was attacked and injured by one on Dec 13th; then the Catholic Pope was pushed over on Dec 24th; now on Dec 29th we have the Chinese executing a delusional bi-polar British man who was duped into acting as a drugs mule. Lunatics were always thought to be highly responsive to Full Moons, more so to Lunar Eclipses, which is how they got the nickname Loons or Loonies.

Astrologers Corner

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A Lunar Eclipse draws attention to wherever it falls in your personal chart – just as the underlying Full Moon would, but with more impact and significance. Therefore, for example,  if it falls in your 2nd (money) house, that’s where your attention is not just needed but demanded.

If you have a planet or point in 9-11 degrees of Cancer or Capricorn, you’ll be even more affected by it. For example, if the eclipse falls on your natal Mars, the things that people say and do during late December and early January will make you temporarily very unsure of what you’re currently doing; you’ll wonder if it’s right to go that way, even though it felt like a strong thing to do and you really felt inspired to do those things. Use those moments to reflect on your actions and direction, but don’t be thrown by such comments. You’ll also get rapid, speeded-up feedback on anything new you’re doing.

Essentially, Lunar Eclipses indicate wobbly moments in your consciousness. Your attention may become distracted from purposeful action and onto temporary phenomena such as domestic flare-ups; stuff that suddenly doesn’t work for no reason; irrational issues and little crises that crop up and drop away. On the plus side LE’s encourage you to experience moments of reflection with added insight, draw your attention to what you hadn’t seen before and encourage you to turn a blind eye to other people’s problems that might be better not commented upon by you.

Very briefly, here’s the likely impact on other natal planets you may have in 9-11 Cancer:

  • Sun: A difficult few days around your half-birthday, but with some enlightening
    moments of insight into yourself, your own and others insecurities.
  • Moon: Draws attention to your own and others emotional vulnerabilities.
  • Mercury: Realisation of just how much feelings influence your thinking.
  • Venus: You can’t help wondering how secure and safe your love is.
  • Mars: You’ll get speeded-up feedback on anything new you’re doing.
  • Ceres: You realise just how much proper nurturing means to you.
  • Jupiter: A window of opportunity or adventure you couldn’t see before.
  • Saturn: You realise how much your life requires structure and certainty.
  • Uranus: A way through briefly opens up, like a wormhole into another reality.
  • Neptune: You can see where confusion was obscuring the issues.
  • Pluto: A moment of understanding of just how irrational life is.

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