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Brief Forecast for Italy for 2010 (published 25th Nov 2009).

Despite resounding international sporting success due in 2010, the government of Italy is likely to be undermined (partly by Mafia exposures and child-protection failures).

  • A whole new national attitude is surfacing, including towards religion (coincidentally, the Vatican has vulnerable trends).
  • In Italy in 2010-12, startling archaeological discoveries threaten the orthodox view of Italy’s ancient past.
  • A period of earthquakes and volcanic activity is due, with warnings of a significant eruption that should not be ignored.
  • A short but remarkable baby boom is also due in 2010-12.
Birth chart for country: Italy (Republic)
Born 10th June 1946, 18:00, Rome, Italy.
Data source: BWH
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A reminder
A reminder here that in resident astrologer Paul Mayo’s 2008 forecast he suggested that in 2009, religions of all kinds would begin to gain in popularity around the world, especially amongst younger people, temporarily reversing the previous trend which has been going on for centuries*. This has since been confirmed as happening, surprising many.

Feedback: ‘The Vatican has vulnerable trends’ – Dec 24th 2009 at Midnight Mass the Pope was pushed to the floor by a woman psychiatric patient during a public procession. An elderly Cardinal was injured in the process. Curiously, the same woman attempted the same thing one year before, but was prevented by observant guards.
In February and March 2010 the scandal of paedophile Catholic priests in Ireland swelled into a tidal wave of accusations from the USA, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries. By April, the Pope himself was implicated by some reports dating back to the 1990’s when he was personally in charge of dealing with the issue.

* This may also be the place to remind you of the 12th-Century St.Malachy’s prophesy that the current Pope (Benedict XVI, the 267th pope) is almost the last person to hold that office. Malachy’s vision in 1139 detailed up to the 268th Pope, whom he described as ‘Peter the Roman’ who would rule until the city of Rome was destroyed.