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Paul Mayo’s original summary prediction (from 2007) for 2010:
“2010: Reality-check year. Vulnerable and disturbingly difficult year. Pluto in Capricorn is joined by Saturn in Libra & Uranus in Aries – start of an eye-watering three years of jolts and bumps for the UK government and financial system. UK should on no account run up further debt or as this would seriously weaken the economy. Significantly different solutions badly needed but not yet forthcoming. Fateful year for UK; time of reckoning for queen and government.” See also talk extract: UK-the next five years

Now for some more detail (published 2009-11-25):

  • The UK government is now committed to borrowing further huge sums in 2010 (we specifically warned against this before the economic crisis even began), Britain is heading towards serious problems of many kinds, including the running-down and virtual failure of commitments that can no longer be afforded, during 2010-16.
  • The MP’s expenses scandal refuses to go away, but gradually re-focuses on MP’s and councillors travel junkets and consultancies.
  • Grass-roots movements, as previously predicted, continue to build influence over government and Country in finance, recycling, farming, housing and energy.
  • Unfortunately the trends also benefit organisations such as the BNP, thanks to an increasingly negative public view of the immigration system threatening mayhem.
Birth-chart for country: UK
1801-01-01, 00:00, Westminster, London
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  • The weather continues to break records; insurance premiums continue to rise.
  • Late Jan is a real setback, but this leads to ‘lessons being learned’ by late August.
  • Mid-late April is a turning point (invisible till later) in economy and/or financial sector.
  • Late Jul/early Aug: at last UK government admits armed forces are overstretched and ‘at breaking point’, resulting in remedial measures to boost their capabilities. May also affect police through civil unrest or prison break-out.
  • Terrorist threat high early-Jun to mid-Sep, especially Jul 25th/26th; Aug 3rd and 16th-21st, also 11-14th Dec. Building-site accidents also liable to be more prevalent at these times.
  • Early Sept is nervous, edgy time, but government is ‘confident of outcome’
  • Oct is the most difficult, belt-tightening month for Queen and Country, but also brings some belated recognition of UK’s past efforts and successes around the world.

Astrologers Corner

The UK in its most recent (1801) incarnation has a deeply sober, forceful and ambitious Capricorn nature (complete with stiff upper lip), with diplomatic Libra on the Ascendant providing the velvet glove around the iron fist. The Moon is strong and elevated in her own sign, as befits a country solidly based in democracy (and with a female head of state).

The UK’s 1801 natal chart is ruled by Venus, which is placed on the (Placidus) cusp of the 5th House of sport and theatre – totally befitting a country that invented and instituted most of the major outdoor games played in the world today (cricket, football, rugby, tennis, golf, etc), and who can boast the greatest playwright who ever lived (Shakespeare).

In esoteric circles it is said that the UK in general and England in particular is set to play an important role in the coming Aquarian Age, as England has the Ajna (mind) Chakra of the Earth within its borders. Britain’s birth-chart has some very heavy trends in the period 2010-2013, mainly from the ‘gang of three’ that is bringing global change: transiting Saturn-Uranus-Pluto. This represents a forthcoming rebirth for the nation which, though difficult to experience, will knock the country into shape for its future role.

Resident astrologer Paul Mayo says: ‘If the people of Britain, indeed of the world, could see even just bits of the future as I can, they would instantly and permanently change their individual behaviour for the better NOW on all levels (particularly in attitude, intention and action)’.