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Forecast for 2010 (published Nov 25th 2009)

After a rather depressing Xmas, the USA’s year begins with hope for the future, based partly on the prospect of at least some kind of reform in the health and social sectors, of the economy being brought under control, and of diplomatic breakthroughs in foreign relations. The financial markets are especially turbulent at first, with very mixed news. There are many positive trends in the USA chart for 2010 which help the national mood to be resilient, upbeat and confident, especially in the first half of the year, although there are a couple of weeks of anxious trends in the second half of May.

However, the USA is due for an expensive Summer, largely caused by an actual danger period from late June until the end of July. At this time it is possible the USA’s (most likely home-grown) enemies may strike again, this time aiming particularly at government and president. The trickiest date is 30th July when Moon, Mars, Saturn and Uranus are all aligned on the USA chart’s Midheaven. This tense alignment may instead indicate a major storm or other natural disaster – or the one could follow soon after the other. Mr Obama’s chart shows very bad news at that time. But as contradictory opposites are involved, there is also a chance that this could be a positive moment of success for government and people in some sense. However, events at this time do leave a nervous vulnerability and confusion in their wake, which should begin to ease in September as a more relaxed and confident mood takes over again, helped by diplomatic success abroad.

Autumn brings social or health reform but nonetheless this is quite a difficult period as uncooperative elements within government try their best to put a spoke in the wheel, succeeding in blocking and delaying important legislation into 2011. A very mixed year of positives and negatives for USA.
One thing that may be largely but unwisely ignored by a government with enough already to think about, is an increase in geophysical warnings from Yellowstone from Feb onwards, particularly July.

Feedback as it happens: ‘After a rather depressing Xmas…’ On Christmas Day 2009, a 23-yr-old Nigerian attempted to blow up a plane (with 290 people on board) over Detroit using explosives hidden in his underwear. The CIA had been warned of the man’s terrorist links – yet didn’t put him on a no-fly or no-visa list, a failure that subsequently produced strong public criticism from the President. As a direct result, airports in the US and other major countries decided to permanently introduce more security, slowing down transit times even further for passengers.
…the USA’s year begins with hope for the future…based partly on the prospect of…the economy being brought under control’ US Stockmarket values rose sharply in early January 2010 for these very reasons.

Birth-chart for country: USA (Sibly chart)
1776-07-04, 17:10 LT, Philadelphia PA
Data source: BWH
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Astrologers Corner:

The USA is a Cancer country; with Sun-cnj-Jupiter reflecting its status as one of the largest countries in the world.

Free-ranging Sagittarius is on the Ascendant, indicating a deep and enduring love of the open frontier and vast prairies. The bulk of the planets in this chart are in the Western part of the chart, just as the rump of the US population lives in the West of the country. California is in fact the world’s 8th largest economy all on its own!

In 2010 the transiting Saturn/Uranus opposition aligns on the natal MC/IC axis at the same time that transiting Pluto squares it – the USA is turning a corner and is set to come up with some exciting new stuff, but at the same time has to pay the heavy price of its past follies under previous leaders, particularly George W. Bush. See resident astrologer Paul Mayo’s prescient year-2000 prediction for GWB’s presidency (no link yet available).