Countries: Afghanistan

Forecast for 2010 (published Nov 25th 2009)

Afghanistan is a feisty, tenacious, stubbornly independent country with its own ways of doing things and a knack of coming out on top when foreign powers invade. If CIA advisers didn’t tell Mr Bush that before he invaded, they were tragically remiss. I suspect they did…and were ignored.

Having got themselves into an ‘un-win-able’ conflict, what’s the way forward?

The best way forward is to strike a deal to withdraw all combat troops with a sincere apology to Afghanistan; then supply infrastructure & ordnance-clearance-support for whatever government finds its way to the top (Taliban or otherwise).

Birth-chart for country: Afghanistan (Republic).
1973-07-17, 00:00 MET, Kabul.
Placidus Houses. Data source: BWH.
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What’s more likely is that there will be a military push in January 2010 onwards, followed in the second half of the year by the kind of rebuilding and support program that would have saved all the suffering if it had happened in the first place!
Buying the poppy and other powerful oil crops legally for medicine is the key to allied success – not warfare. Heroin (derived from poppies) is the best painkiller in the world, and correctly prescribed, is not addictive to someone in actual pain. This would enable Afghan farmers to make a legitimate living and not force them under the ‘protection’ of local warlords and international drug-runners.

Crunch time for the Afghan conflict will be the Solar Eclipse on 15th Jan 2010, which falls in a destiny-shaping place in Afghanistan’s chart.

On 1st December 2009 The US government announced that it will send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan – and expected to be pulling them out again before the end of 2011. Somewhat ironically, this was just days before he (a bit awkwardly) received the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Astrologers Corner:

Note: The birth-chart shown is not the only possible chart for Afghanistan and might not even the best one to use, but it is the only reliable one this website can present at the moment.

Afghanistan is a Cancerian Country, with natal Mars powerful in its own sign Aries, hidden away in the 12th House of hidden actions. The natal Sun makes a T-Square to the Mars-Uranus opposition, suggesting that Afghan fighters are endlessly inventive in their tactics, immensely brave and willing to take the craziest of risks to make sure that what is right prevails.

The Afghan Taliban have said: ‘You have the watches…but we have the time!’ This statement fits in well with that 2nd-House natal Saturn in the Afghan chart.

In 2010 the transiting Saturn-Pluto-Uranus moves pattern disturbingly across the natal Pluto degree. As transiting Saturn has the strongest position of the three it seems likely that the authorities will be able to clamp down on the situation by mid-2012, if they make a concerted-enough effort.