Countries: Australia

Brief Forecast for 2010 (published 25th Nov 2009)

Modern Australia is indicated by its birth-chart as being a strong, stable and capable country, always destined to have a very diverse ethnic mix. Although there are some troubled and unstable times ahead (in the period 2010-14) that will shake Australia to the foundations and change some its traditional links, particularly with Britain, Australia will come out of it reconstituted having created a very different deal with old allies and friends.
Australia’s recent problems with drought, flood and fire are regrettably set to continue in 2010, but with the emphasis more on storms and wind-driven fires. A movement by aboriginal peoples to regain some of the controls and territories they lost to invading Europeans, will gain momentum in 2010-11, accompanied by major government apologies for past iniquities.

Birth-chart for country: Australia
1901-01-01, 00:00, Melbourne
Data source: BWH
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On 16th Nov 2009 (nine days before this forecast was published in a public lecture by our resident astrologer Paul Mayo), Kevin Rudd, the Australian Prime Minister, sincerely apologised to ‘the stolen generations‘ (specifically mentioning Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islands children and ‘those who were sent to our shores without their consent’ – a reference to thousands of British and Maltese children exported to Australia right up to the 1960’s) for the ‘grief, suffering and loss’ they experienced in the past at the hands of Australia’s government and people. Mr Rudd himself called the apology ‘a first step’ and expressed his government’s desire to ‘right the wrongs of the past’.

Although this official apology immediately made our own forecast virtually redundant, we can confirm that Mr Rudd’s statement will be only the first of many steps in a tortuous process of reconciliation during the 2009-2015 period.

In another well-meant measure some months earlier, the government had already arranged to put Ayers Rock off limits to tourists – unfortunately far too late for the local native Australians, who say it has been completely ruined as a sacred centre.

Astrologers Corner

Australia has a Capricorn Sun and Libra Rising (exactly the same as the UK, because it was ‘born’ exactly 100 years to the second after the UK). However, this country has its own unique and distinct character, which is quite polarised between its sober, practical and traditional side (from all those Earthy planets) and its sparky fun-loving outdoors side (represented mainly by all those Sagittarian planets). It also has a ruthless streak, well illustrated in its appalling attitudes to its own native people in the past, which directly resulted in some native tribes becoming extinct and most others coming close to it.

In 2010 the major alignments of Saturn/Uranus/Pluto are starting to affect the natal MC/IC axis of Australia’s chart, making it likely that Australia will begin to face up to past iniquities and begin the long process of trying to put things right, where this is even possible. A stony path indeed for all concerned.

On 2009-12-30 The Daily Telegraph reported (see photo):
‘[A raging fire around the township of Toodyay]…has burned over 6,700 acres of forest and farm land in two days and remained out of control…A second major fire remained out of control after burning 1,200 acres near the village of Badgingarra, 100 miles north of Perth…The summer wildfire season is peaking across much of Australia although parts of New South Wales state in the east have been flooded by recent heavy rain…’

‘The country is still reeling from Black Saturday in February [2009], when 173 people died and more than 2,000 homes were lost in the state of Victoria in the country’s worst natural disaster of modern times.