Countries: Austria

2010 Forecast for Austria

(published 25th Nov 2009)
In the last few years Austria had a bad run of extremely serious long-term child-abduction cases being discovered (Italy and the USA had equally bad cases come to light). In 2010, most likely in the Spring, certain trends in Austria’s birth-chart suggest a reprise of this situation; this could mean other cases being discovered. Most likely, some long-awaited report or journalistic expose will detail how the laws and the attitude of the authorities allowed these cases to occur in the first place, let alone remain hidden for so long, apportioning blame fairly and squarely. The question of what is to stop such cases ever recurring will have to be addressed. People will say that Austria is finally facing up to the facts – going right back to its role in both world-wars. In 2010 national confidence decreases as Austria moves towards its most radical year in 2013.

2010 could and perhaps should be used as a time of purging the national conscience – and a very conscious letting go of the negatives of the past.

Astrologers Corner

The discovery of Austria’s child-protection troubles began when its natal Mars was conjuncted by transiting Pluto, shortly followed by Pluto going across the natal Placidus 5th house cusp (the nation’s children).

Natal Pluto opposes natal Mars in Austria’s birth-chart, with natal Jupiter standing idly by (just as in the myths, where Jupiter/Zeus tolerated Pluto’s abduction of the young Persephone). When transiting Pluto crossed natal Mars, Persephone had to be handed back to the nation. The victim in one case was not so easily handed back however (also as in the myth) and to this day spends lots of time in the room where she was formerly imprisoned.

In Spring 2010, by progression, Rx Jupiter is backing up onto natal Pluto in Austria’s birth-chart. At roughly the same time, transiting Rx Saturn is backing up to square the natal Placidus 5th house cusp and its resident natal Mars. Sounds to us like old child-protection problems being raked-over rather severely, perhaps stimulated by further grim discoveries.

Even that may not be the last of it, as transiting Pluto opposes its own natal position in 2011.