Birth-chart for country: Greece (Democracy)
1974-07-24, 04:00 EET, Athens
Data source: BWH
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Countries: Greece

Forecast for Greece for 2010

(published 25th Nov 2010)

Greece, in its most recent ‘incarnation’ is a proud Leo nation. In the Greek (Democracy) chart* shown, the country’s complex and turbulent nature is revealed for all to see. Greece is shown as a very capable nation that takes itself very seriously, rightly claiming itself as the virtual home of mythology. The chart specifically says: this is an imaginative people.

Greece is due some domestic upheaval in the year ahead (2010) of the type this country is so good at periodically generating. Some will say Greece has ‘lost its way’. We predict that Greece will experience success in 2010 in rally driving or other road-based motor sport.

*Please note that there are several other older valid charts for Greece that are also used by astrologers; we don’t yet show these.