Countries: Haiti

Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake on Jan 12th 2010 at 16:53, one of only a handful on that level of seriousness each year. The quake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale and hit worst all around the capital, Port-au-Prince, ruining the presidential palace, flattening a hospital, the UN HQ and many houses, killing thousands (two days later the president suggested 200,000 dead, though the Red Cross suggested ‘over 50,000’) and injuring many more.
Haiti, already devastated by a recent series of deadly hurricanes, had neither the money nor the infrastructure to deal with the earthquake’s consequences and was therefore almost completely reliant on outside help to rescue people and clear up the mess.

Thumbnail 2010 forecast: Based on the (provisionally rectified) chart, we anticipate knock-on problems from the Jan 2010 disaster, with setbacks in mid-February and mid-to-late July 2010 – though these are also turning points with positive implications.

Feedback: By Jan 16th violent mobs were running riot in the streets, fighting one another for food and water. Also by 16th, the UN had pronounced this ‘the worst disaster it had ever encountered’, and certainly it had been established as the worst disaster of any kind in Haiti’s 200-yr history.

Birth-chart for country: Haiti
Jan 1st 1804, Gonaives, Haiti.
Placidus houses. Data source: BWH, rect.
Transits/progressions: Jan 12th 2010, 16:53
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Astrologers Corner

Data: BWH says that de jure independence from France occurred on Jan 1st 1804 in Gonaives, Haiti, at the (unknown) time of signing of the Act of Independence.

The problem with making any kind of forecast for Haiti is that there is no definite time-of birth. Events like this however, if we can detach from the human misery involved, do provide an opportunity to rectify the country’s birth chart. Very provisionally, we suggest 10am local time (add 04:50:45 to get GMT). This is the time used in the chart shown. This rectified chart makes an interesting picture for the date of the earthquake, with the progressed angles lined up on Haiti’s natal Mars-Saturn square, and the solar eclipse three days after the earthquake falling exactly square to natal Neptune (traditionally the bringer of earthquakes). Additionally tPluto conjuncted natal Mars only six days before, often a dangerous indication.

This is quite a convincing rectification at first glance, with its natal Neptune/Pluto mutual reception and natal Pluto on the Ascendant providing a good picture of the voodoo religion. See what you think. Obviously it needs testing against both past and future events.