Birth chart for country: Iceland (Republic)
Born 17th June 1944, 14:00, Reykjavik
Data source: BWH
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Countries: Iceland

Brief forecast for Iceland for 2010

(published 25th Nov 2010)

Any entity, whether person or country, that has the giant gas-planet Neptune (representing mystery, secrecy) hovering on its birth-chart’s horizon, is not going to get noticed very much in worldly affairs – until something goes badly wrong.

The sheer hubris of Iceland in setting itself up as a global financial hub must have seemed like a good idea in the heady nineties and early naughties. But for this country with a tiny national population (only the size of a small city elsewhere – i.e. not many taxpayers to bail out failing banks), it proved an absolute disaster when the financial crisis hit in 2007-8.

However, there is a silver lining to these terrible storm clouds for Iceland, as it is being forced to get real, to consider and realize where in fact its real assets always lay – a very cold climate and very hot springs. In 2010 new partners in the global commercial realm will help the country to capitalise on these resources and begin the long climb out of its devastating financial hole.