Birth-chart for country: Indonesia
1949-12-27, 09:22 GMT, Djkarta, Indonesia
Data source: BWH
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Countries: Indonesia

Forecast for Indonesia for 2010

(published 25th Nov 2009).

If you look at Indonesia’s chart you can plainly visually see the cross that is there for it to bear; this is quite literal.

According to the chart Indonesia is a strong and lively country, very independent by nature, that wants to stand on its own considerable capabilities and merits. Yet it is shown as endlessly volatile, being pulled this way and that by internal strife and unrelenting tensions. It’s a country that doesn’t like change (except the ones it decides to create for itself); nonetheless, quite often, something comes along and alters everything – and that is one thing that won’t change.

Indonesia, the country that suffered most grievously from the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, has another whole bunch of problems to look forward to in 2010, from weather and geophysical problems to rebellion by indigenous people and vengeful retaliation; also leadership challenges; financial crises and a threatened break-up of the internal structure of the country. An anxious year for Indonesia – in our judgement the most difficult in its 60 year history!

A few years down the line and we’ll see a country all the better for its experiences, but for now…we can only hold our breath.