Birth-chart for country: Iran
1979-04-01, appx 15:00 GMT, Tehran
Data source: BWH
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Countries: Iran

Forecast for Iran in 2010

(published 25th Nov 2009)
In Nov 2008, we pointed out that Iran’s birth-chart* would experience a rare and major trend (pSo-cnj-MC) in 2009 and looked unstable, with possibly a change of government indicated. In the event, by whatever means, the hierarchy managed to hold on to power and then stepped in with violent and repressive measures to silence the opposition, who felt they had been cheated**.

2010 should prove a slightly easier year for Iran than 2008-9. Iran easily feels put-upon and knows that if it does not defend itself vigorously it will be trampled and taken-advantage-of by other nations. A better international understanding of these sensitivities in 2010 paves the way to an easing of tensions. Internal problems centre around the economy, with public anger over government expenditure, shocking waste and lack of oversight.

* There is one other chart in common use that we don’t show at present.
** It is interesting in this context to see the parallel with Zimbabwe, which also has a natal Aries Sun-opposition-Pluto in its birth-chart.