Birth chart for country: Ireland
1949-04-18, 00:00, Dublin
Data Source: BWH
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Countries: Ireland

Brief forecast for Ireland for 2010

(published 25th Nov 2010)

Ptolemy wrote nearly 2000 years ago that Ireland was a Taurus country – green, lush and fertile, then as now. In its modern incarnation however, Ireland is a fiery Aries nation*, though luckily with some sober and steadying characteristics too. It’s restless Sagittarian Ascendant perhaps partly explains why Ireland has often been ruefully described by its own people as ‘the country people love so much they leave it’.

In 2009, when they saw at first hand what power the EU had (when thwarted), to knock a massive hole in their economy, the Irish people changed their minds en masse and voted in favour of the much-disputed EU Constitution. This is how bold, brave people are conquered in the modern age – through their pockets, not through war.

I wish I could wave a wand to make it better for Ireland’s beautiful people, but sadly, the charts suggest that Ireland has further economic woes lying in wait for it during 2010, ensuring another painful year before the Irish recovery begins in 2011.

2010 is Ireland’s year of consequences. With those consequences comes necessity, the very mother of invention. The rest of the world is about to see some real innovation in Irish agriculture, domestic and housing policy, including power-supplies to homes. It’s a re-mix of the new and the traditional that will be interesting to see.

* There are at least two other valid charts for Ireland that some astrologers prefer to use. At the moment we don’t show these here.