Birth-chart for country: Spain (Democracy)
1975-11-22, 12:45, Madrid
Data source: BWH
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Countries: Spain

Forecast for Spain for 2010

(published 25th Nov 2009)

In this latest (1975) incarnation, Spain is a Scorpio country – with the Sun placed right in the last degree of that self-transforming Sign, which is symbolically the poisonous sting; this gives Spain that ‘sting in the tail’ effect, which has in the past been turned on itself.

Spain’s natal Moon, strong in its own sign of Cancer, reflects the vast wealth in silver that poured into Spain’s coffers in the past from their South American conquests (the astrological Moon has rulership over Silver).

Spain will gain in stature over the next two years 2010-11, especially in the finance industry, which remained well-regulated in Spain when, at the turn of the 21st Century, many other major countries effectively abandoned their regulatory controls over the banks. In fact there are fantastic economic opportunities ahead for Spain as it takes advantage of the past follies and present impecuniosity of other countries.

But we predict that Spain is also facing scandals over child protection and not keeping its wayward youth under effective control.

Longer term: we also think that a long-lost British child’s body will eventually be found near the Southern coast of Spain, at the bottom of a dry concrete drain, pit or cellar where her body was callously discarded 24hrs after her abduction in Portugal.

There are a couple of other valid charts for Spain, but we use this one for the restoration of the monarchy and re-institution of democracy, as it has a reasonably accurate time-of-day recorded.