UK – The Next Five Years

(Published incrementally each year, five years in advance).

Extract from talk by Paul Mayo, given on 2009-11-25 (listen to talk, on new page).

2010: Reality-check year. Vulnerable and disturbingly difficult year. Pluto in Capricorn is joined by Saturn in Libra & Uranus in Aries – start of an eye-watering three years of jolts and bumps for the UK government and financial system. UK should on no account run up further debt or as this would seriously weaken the economy. Significantly different solutions badly needed but not yet forthcoming. Fateful year for UK; time of reckoning for queen and government.

2011: Challenging year. The complete immigrant takeover in some areas concentrates minds. Country landscape and lifestyle being destroyed at an unprecedented rate. Intensification of period of intermittently strange, peculiar weather conditions. In some ways a very good year, for example with signs of a more enlightened, holistic attitude to the housing and agricultural crisis and exciting new trends in the workplace, NHS and armed forces. In some other ways, not. Some say Fri Oct 28th is end of Maya Calendar.

2012: Crucial turning point year. Huge pressures, potentially enough to break the nation apart. Intense and very difficult – major lessons to be learned; grass-roots movements ensure the peoples’ voice will be heard. An important ally (most likely USA) also going through radical change. Enemies and friends alike going though their own upheavals. Housing market and agriculture in chaos, but real transformation of systems going on. Extent and ingenuity of home-grown terrorism quite shocking, but technical know-how helps Britain to get through. Many youngsters are showing unusual capabilities and tendencies. Turmoil & chaos surround Olympics; athletes vulnerable. Before October the world will begin to relate to Britain in a whole different way. Some say Fri Dec 21st @ 23:30 is end of Maya Calendar; either way people will say ‘this is the end of an era’.

2013: Social revolution year for Britain, with some radical, dicey moments and painful uprooting of tradition. Domestic issues still to the fore but potentially a better year (could be exciting, depending on how it’s handled). Dealings with other countries should be circumspect – confrontation must be avoided. This year turns out very differently for Britain than imagined or planned. Two clever, knowledgeable and important people help to turn things around in the economy, housing, and/or farming. At a particularly difficult moment, suddenly things look a whole lot better.

2014: Rebuilding year. Britain, or what’s left of it after all the topsy-turvy weather, geophysical, economic and social problems, is sailing close to the wind. The UK’s alliances are under serious review and there’s a lot to pay for and replace. Nonetheless, this is a year of recovery, and the changes that have been made are already starting to pay off. People will say this feels like the first relatively normal year for quite a while.