How Do Astrologers Make Predictions?

Astrology is a system of divination that uses the current, past, and future planets positions (and some symbolic points) to determine the nature, past, present and future, of any entity*.

Astrologers mainly look at five factors:

  1. The 22-year sunspot-cycle (currently just past an 11-year low).
  2. The phases of the Moon, especially Solar and Lunar eclipses.
  3. The angles between planets in the sky, plus their apparent direction and speed of movement.
  4. The birth-chart of an entity, which is simply a map of the sky relative to the horizon at the time, date (historic, present or future) and place when that entity began or happened.
  5. Current planetary activity, both actual and symbolic, related to one or more birth-charts.

Let’s look at one of these factors in more detail, the birth chart, as most of astrology centres around it:
Briefly, birth charts are drawn up (usually by computer nowadays) to show the sky above and below the ‘birth’ or event. This is why you need not only the date of birth, but the time of day and exact place too.

Chart framework:
The twelve Houses

Each of the planets is plotted relative to the horizon at that locality. Therefore, logically, if it is daytime the Sun will appear in the top part of the chart in the sky above the horizon; if night-time it will appear in the bottom part of the chart, in the sky below the horizon, etc. Wherever each planet falls within the standard framework of the chart (the Houses), it is provided with an area of life in which it has an influence.

Having drawn up the chart and plotted all the positions of the planets, the astrologer then compares the positions of where planets are now (or at any given time, past or future), with the positions of the planets in the birth-chart. The relationship between the two sets of planets follows certain rules and enables the astrologer to generate the future forecast (or indeed to delineate the past or present).

Example: Let’s say that you have natal Mars in the 6th House of the birth-chart, indicating that you have a hands-on approach to your work. We call that a characteristic. Then let’s say that today, the Sun happens to conjunct (to be in the same place as) that natal Mars position, activating it for one or two days. If Mars is ‘healthy’ in the natal chart, that activation will be energising and you’ll crack on with some hard work. If on the other hand natal Mars is very unhealthy, you’ll experience Mars-type problems, for example banging your head on the cupboard at work, or an unexpected nose-bleed. Most people would be somewhere in between (and get a lot done as well as sustaining a minor bruise or tiny graze).

Although we have over-simplified this explanation in places, this is basically how it is done.

We’re making a list of people’s questions to be answered when we have time (could be months).

  1. What makes a planet healthy or unhealthy?
  2. How can a real planet’s position, now, possibly have any impact on where another planet happened to be years ago, at the time you were born? It doesn’t make sense.
  3. Where do the Zodiac signs come into this, if at all?

* Entity – means any event, person, thing, object – visible or invisible, as long as is real – i.e. not just a quality or principle etc. Could be you; the dog; the opening of a motorway; the sighting of a ufo, etc. Even a ghost or a question can justifiably be described as an entity.