Most astrologers are female

What is Astrology?

  • Astrology is a form of divination, using the planets as variables.
  • Using time, date and place of an event (such as a birth) an astrologer draws up a chart of the sky around that place, both above and below the Earth.
  • According to which sector of the chart each planet falls in, the character and ‘destiny’ of that event is foretold.
  • Astrology is used to tell the nature of something (for example a person, a company or a whole country) and therefore its potential – therefore its past, present and future.
  • Until the 1980’s astrologers had to work out charts by hand using tables and maths. Since then, most have used computers for the complicated calculations.
  • Most astrologers are women; this is probably because they are more likely than men to be open to intuitive and non-linear ways of thinking.
  • Nothing in astrology over-rides human freewill !