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Useful resources for astrologers

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Birthplaces: Gazetteer with latitudes & longitudes of 16,000+ English cities, suburbs, towns, villages, etc. Even if Google Maps doesn’t show your small community you may still find it here. We’re gradually making other English-speaking countries available.

Problem locating a former hospital site where you were born? Our Gazetteer includes a unique collection of co-ordinates of thousands of hospitals & maternity homes. Many were redeveloped or demolished, so don’t show-up on modern maps.

Born at home? Search for town then pinpoint birthplace by double-clicking on house. Below map appear coordinates you need for birth-chart to be accurate. Go to Gazetteer »

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“I had a look at your website the other day and it’s really useful – it even had the hospital where I was born – and that closed down many years ago.”

Tony Holdsworth – Imperial Feng Shui Company, UK