Astrology of 2012: Yellowstone

Event Chart for Yellowstone 2012 Dec 21st 2012, 4:32:30, Yellowstone Caldera Click chart to enlarge

One thing that has exercised the mind of resident astrologer Paul Mayo for many years (since 1980), for specific reasons not mentioned here, is the possibility – no more than that – of a small or medium-sized explosion of the Yellowstone caldera (i.e. super volcano) within the period 2011-2016.

A small explosion of Yellowstone would be the equivalent of a massive explosion of any other volcano, as Yellowstone caldera is 50 miles across. It is known for certain from the pattern of past explosions at Yellowstone that the next major event is due or overdue, though it may not happen for another 100,000 years for all we know – and still fit the pattern.

The chart#1 here is deliberately drawn for the exact moment Neptune (traditionally the dispenser of earthquakes) opposes the Midheaven at Yellowstone on the Winter Solstice of 2012. This is one of the possible times when Yellowstone may grumble enough to cast the Earth into darkness for a few days or more, which would fit with the Mayan Calendar dates for the end of the Long Count and beginning of the new phase in the Earth’s history. This prophesy is the main reason why we selected this exact time and date to examine.

In chart#1, astrologers will see that:

  • Neptune is exactly opposite the Midheaven (happens once every day).
  • Saturn and Pluto are in sextile aspect, forming a Yod-cross (the so-called Finger of God) to Jupiter at the apex, all in the 9th degree of their respective signs (very rare alignment, noted as a trigger factor).
  • The Solstice has just occurred 25 mins before (happens once a year).
  • The Sun is conjunct Juno, noted for her vengeful actions when slighted, and for her influence on the atmosphere (can only happen at the Solstice once in four years, usually much longer).
  • The Sun also applies to square Uranus at the Solstice, which can only happen once or twice in in every 40 years.
  • Venus (which Meso-Americans feared most as the disaster-bringer) is rising opposite Jupiter (happens for short periods of days about once every 2 years).
  • Mars and Saturn are in Mutual Reception, with Mars unaspected (can only happen for one or two short periods separated by gaps of many years).

Chart#2: Birth-chart for Yellowstone Park Mar 1st 1872, 2:45pm LT, Washington City Source: original Library of Congress document Click chart to enlarge

If a small explosion occurred at this time (4:32 am Mountain Time) and the wind was from the North, the gas and dust cloud from it could reach Mayan territories in Yucatan & Guatemala ‘soon after dusk’, the time their shamen predict for a ‘cleansing of Mother Earth’.

Comparing this possible-event-chart with chart#2, the birth-chart of Yellowstone Park, shows some interesting resonances:

  • Natal Neptune is exactly on the Midheaven.
  • Natal Venus is on the Descendent.
  • Natal Moon is in the potent ‘sting’ of Scorpio and forms a powerful Grand Trine with Mars and Uranus in Water signs (Yellowstone is celebrated for its powerful geysers).
  • The progressed Full Moon (not shown on the chart) is at 29 degrees of Capricorn on Dec 21st 2012 and forms an exact sextile aspect to natal Moon, triggering each corner of the natal Grand Trine. This pFM is also exactly opposite progressed Venus. You could look thousands of years forwards in this chart and not see a close repetition of this pattern at the Winter Solstice.

Our interpretation of all this (from these and other charts) is that a major explosion on that exact date is unlikely, as the chart doesn’t look dangerous enough. However, there are a number of trigger dates around that time, any one of which could indicate a minor event that is nonetheless significant enough for the human race. We conclude that Yellowstone will not blow totally in this epoch of human existence (which would wipe out almost all humans and 99% of other life forms on Earth), as some scary disaster movies seem to suggest.

However, a partial event, fatal for those in the vicinity, cannot be ruled out completely for this date – nor for the whole period 2011-2016. There are also a few risky dates in the 2020’s and 2030’s (such as in 2039) – and no doubt others further ahead that we have not examined.