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Brief terms and conditions of use of this Gazetteer
We help astrologers easily find the exact latitudes & longitudes of English towns, villages etc (and to distinguish between places with the same name!). We’re starting to include co-ordinates for other English-speaking countries too.

Countries available so far:

  • England, Scotland, Australia: full set with maps
  • Ireland and Northern Ireland: full set, but map only useful around large towns
  • Wales: towns & villages only, map
  • Isle of Man: towns & villages, landmarks, hospitals, natural features, no useful map
  • Channel Islands: towns & villages, St Helier hospitals only, no useful map
  • New Zealand: towns & villages only, map
  • South Africa: towns & villages only, no useful map

Choosing the correct birthplace

More often than we’d like to think, astrologers inadvertently introduce inaccuracies into their birth charts by using the wrong birth-place, usually caused by confusion over far-apart places having duplicate names!

Almost every country has cases of different towns and villages that have the same name. For example, there are at least 33 places called ‘Newtown’ in Ireland alone; we currently list 28 of these in this gazetteer. How to easily distinguish between them? This is a problem other gazetteers don’t tackle systematically.

To help solve this problem, we show distance and direction to the nearest larger, more important or just better-known place. Also, after each definitely-duplicated place-name in our Gazetteer you will find an Alert symbol that’s there to warn you that it is one of several with that name. See Keys if you can’t intuitively figure out what each of the four Alert symbols mean.

Origin of Data

Much of the coordinate (latitude and longitude) data – including all the hospital locations, is from the private database of professional astrologer Paul Mayo, painstakingly gathered over several decades from his substantial collection of old maps, atlases etc, all carefully checked for accuracy.
More info here about precision and accuracy of data, or to contact us with the name and/or coordinates for a maternity home/hospital we haven’t got.

We also thank GNIS for permission to include some of their data, which forms part of our ‘Towns & Cities’ collection and most of our ‘Landmarks’, ‘Farms’, ‘Mountains’, ‘Lakes’ and ‘Routes’ collections for countries other than England. You should find it much easier to use here than in GNIS. The accuracy of only some of these GNIS records have so far been checked and corrected by us.