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Name Region Comments
Habberley Shropshire Village 8m/13km SW of Shrewsbury
Habrough N.E.Lincolnshire Village 3m/5km W of Immingham
Hacconby Lincolnshire =Haconby - village (alt 9m) 3m/6km NE of Bourne
Haceby Lincolnshire Hamlet 7m/12km SW of Sleaford. Site of Roman villa
Hackbridge (Sutton)Gt London London suburb 2m/4km NW of Croydon
Hacketts Hertfordshire Hamlet (now absorbed into new development at Brickendon) 3m/4km S of Hertford
Hackforth North Yorkshire Village 5m/8km SE of Catterick Camp
Hackington Kent Locality just NE of central Canterbury