Full Moon (Eclipse) 2009-12-31

Event chart for Full Moon (eclipse)
2009-12-31, 19:14 GMT
Chart drawn for London UK
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A brief look at the impact in the UK-1801 chart

It’s quite symbolic to end the year on a Full Moon (keynote: completion). This particular FM is also a partial Lunar Eclipse (centre of eclipse is 10 mins after the FM).
Drawn for London, RxMars is rising in the regal sign of Leo; a troubled (but mutually received) Venus rules the Midheaven. Each country will be affected in its own way of course; we can only look at the UK.

In the UK-1801 chart, the eclipse falls right on the  Midheaven and opposite the natal Sun. This Full Moon, coming right at the start of 2010, was just one of the charts looked at by resident astrologer Paul Mayo when making his forecast for HM Queen Elizabeth II.

These very briefly are the elements in this chart that influenced his prediction:

  • FM symbolises completion, more strongly so a lunar eclipse
  • FM MC ruler squ Saturn cnj Pluto – QE under pressure to change role
  • FM MC ruler mutually-received in 5th – QE’s heir ready and capable
  • FM RxMars is rising in regal sign of Leo – is QE changing her mind about staying on?

These very briefly are these eclipse elements in the UK-1801 chart that influenced his prediction:

  • Lunar eclipse on UK natal MC – head of state reconsidering role?
  • Partial eclipse – makes it not so urgent, less certain outcome

Clearly there are also implications for the UK Prime Minister too, who is also reconsidering his future but can carry on for now.

An article in the Daily Express (page 5) has just been drawn to our attention from Dec 26th 2009, which reports a rumour that ‘senior Labour figures’ have been discussing a plan for Gordon Brown to stand down as Labour leader before the UK General Election, but stay on as PM. If true, it would perhaps be a wheeze for Mr Brown to avoid the live TV debates that party leaders have committed to, allowing him to shuffle the task off onto better debaters within the party.

On Jan 6th 2010 there was a more overt challenge to his leadership when two senior former cabinet members emailed all Labour MP’s to suggest a leadership contest – unprecedented so near a General Election.