1st Quarter Moon 2009-12-24

Chart for Event: Dec 09’s First Quarter Moon
2009-12-24, 17:37 GMT
Chart drawn for London, UK
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If the 2009-10 transiting Saturn/Pluto Square represents, amongst other things, the power of authorities to block disruption, this heavyweight Quarter Moon in 3AR03 should bring it out, as it falls in the same degrees.

So it was interesting to see that on Dec 17th,  just one day after the disruptive New Moon in 24SG40 (i.e. six whole days before the Quarter Moon), we already have a classic example of Saturn/Pluto in action:

British Airways, faced with an immensely expensive, publicly unpopular and terribly disruptive cabin-crew strike (which had been properly balloted and arranged for the Christmas & New Year period), was able to get the courts (tSaturn in Libra) to rule the strike illegal on a highly manipulated (by B.A.) technicality. tPluto, of course is in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn, therefore under Saturn’s rule.

This particular Quarter Moon was preceded by a New Moon in 6AR08 on 2009-03-26, which date may give an advance clue to the QM’s developments. On that date, the USA government announced ‘the worst 4th-quarter economic results for 26 years’, with GDP dropping 6.3%.

Also on that day, the USA Texas Education Board was amazingly split down the middle in a vote to give Creationism equal footing with Darwinism in the education system of the USA’s largest State.

It will be interesting to see if either of these potentials develop further during this Quarter Moon.

Quarter Moons are only usually perceptible on the exact date, plus maybe one day before and after. An unusually powerful one like this one can be felt for several more days, both before and after.

Feedback: In the few days prior to the Quarter Moon, in the UK there were tremendous problems with the weather causing disruption, particularly with rail travel between UK & France, as locomotives proved strangely unable to cope with changing temperatures.

There were also many more people than usual publicly saying that they were totally fed up with Christmas – in particular with the modern commercialised version. There was nonetheless a ‘feeding frenzy’ of shopping, as if some kind of compulsion over-ruled the scruples. This was partly a response to the peculiar atmosphere of this Moon, which made things seem ‘not normal’, so that people dropped straight back into old habits to try to make things feel right. This strategy failed, of course, as Christmas 2009 was for many people one of the strangest in recent years, devoid of genuine and familiar cheer and thus quite dead.