New Moon 2010-01-15 (Annular Solar Eclipse)

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: A nature spirit dancing in the mist of a waterfall.

Event chart for: New Moon (eclipse)
2010-01-15, 07:07:40 GMT
Chart drawn for London UK
Placidus houses
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This New Moon eclipse has a Venus/Saturn mutual reception as its ruler. Venus has no particular strength in the London chart (but has in more Eastern countries); Saturn is strong in exaltation and in its own terms. Saturn and Mercury are both at their station, both retrograde. Mars (ruling the London MC) is unaspected and retrograde.

Therefore we judge that although this New Moon brings unexpected developments and misfortunes and a concern that things will go out of control (particularly to Capricorn people and Western countries), there are ways in which these misfortunes are ameliorated and eased, enabling events to be controlled and kept within bounds. The eclipsing Moon, ruling the 7th house of enemies in the FM chart drawn for London, does not have the strength to be anything other than a diversion (albeit a plaguing one for politicians in power).

As the UK is a Capricorn country, this has implications for government. Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s position at the head of government will undoubtedly be challenged, but the outcome will be that he retains control, partly through luck, partly through lack of viable alternative and partly through new strategies he is able to come up with. Gordon Brown is a Pisces (a water-sign) and an artful dodger. He’s dancing in his own element in the mist of the waterfall.