Your Stars 2010 – year ahead for Aquarius

Icon_AquariusAn amazing year ahead Aquarius! Though it’s hard to say whether this is from travel plans suddenly boosted or accelerated, exciting new studies undertaken to obtain a higher qualification, or some kind of major change of plan to open up the possibilities. It’s all about choice, but for sure there are going to be some bright ideas on which you just can’t follow through, because of practicalities. Therefore this isn’t about career ambition or attaining a major longed-for objective; you’ll have to wait a couple of years for that one. It’s more to do with following your dreams and listening to your higher self. Somehow you have to do this without losing your grip on reality. The right way to do this is to focus on building up your bank balance for the future (i.e. not by freely spending whatever comes in!).

Aquarius Romance: Although Aquarius is one of the friendliest of star-signs (getting to know a neighbour is a big theme in 2010), you people don’t always settle well into really close relationships because you’re very independent by nature. For those Aquarians who are still very much adrift in the sea of relationship potential, you’ll tend to leave it to others to make all the running in the first half of 2010. If someone wants you so much that they are prepared to make the effort, they can have you; otherwise you’ll drift on by and out of their reach, probably into foreign waters or wherever there is unfinished business. The second half of the year is a time of big choices, so you’ll want to get it right. That means listening to instant gut-feelings, but taking your time and letting things develop before you make a crucial decision that will affect you for many years to come.

Aquarius Career & Ambition: There’s not that much emphasis on your career progress, nor on achievement of any big ambition during 2010, though the money’s there in return for what you do – and you may even be able to buck the trend and lay up a little nest-egg. You may also not be able to travel as much as you’d like to early in the year, not for lack of money but because of threats to the viability of transport systems (disruption of service, diversion through dodgy terrain, interminable hold-ups) or your own intermittent infirmity putting you off the idea. The second half of the year is different; you may well travel then, though still with the same cautions.