Your Stars 2010 – year ahead for Cancer

Icon_CancerThis is one of the four zodiac-signs most affected by important developments during 2010; so this is a destiny year for you! Family, domestic and relationship trends are the most powerful for you this year. Most particularly you need to get family on your side if you want to take advantage of the opportunities to move forward in your career or other ambition. This could mean a bit of ‘horse trading’ with those close to you, to avoid or resolve a conflict of interest. It’s up to you to ensure that the potential of 2010 to change your life in oh-so-many-ways, is for the better. Get any money issues ironed-out first; the rest will follow. Lots to look forward to!

Cancer Romance: A review of your relationship situation seems about due, Cancer. Is there some sort of subtle push-me-pull-you going on between relatives? A power-struggle for your affections? A deeply suspicious or jealous personal or business partner? Whatever it is, it will have to work its way through the system in its own good time, because you’re reluctant to spoil things by tackling it head-on. Call it a gut-feeling or an instinct, you’d rather take your time. But when you’re on the up, as you are, you don’t want uncooperative people dragging you down. 2010 is a year of stark choices. In a sense it’s a tug between the new and the old. The choice (as they say) is entirely yours.

Cancer Career & Ambition: Cracking-good career trends for 2010 Cancer!  As long as you can balance your career with all your other responsibilities, that is. With so many different demands on you, that may not be easy. Have you taken on too much already? If so, it may be time to shake off some of what you don’t want and take on some of what you do. You’ll be encouraged to see that it is a breakthrough year in the world generally, even more so by the fact that you have a substantial slice of that pie if you want it. The future may or may not be Orange, but it is certainly looking brighter for you. Of course, other people will still have their problems for you to care about…