Your Stars 2010 – year ahead for Capricorn

Icon_CapricornA year of quite tremendous pressures for you, Capricorn! It should start well, so make the most of it till mid-Feb, whilst your face is your fortune. Even Capricorns in a pickle can negotiate their way out of it during this phase. Don’t make life unnecessarily complicated for yourself by taking on too many different things; your clear aim should be to keep to simple rules and deal with issues as they arise or at least a.s.a.p. If you want to move home you can do so with advantage – in fact you may get an offer out of the blue! Alternatively you could benefit greatly from someone else’s hard work or goodwill. The primary focus of the year is on your career or ambitions, but most of the unexpected and biggest developments are on the home, domestic and family front.

Capricorn Romance: With planet-of-love Venus beginning the year very actively and constructively in your star-sign, that should bode well for romance in 2010. But it won’t be an uneventful year in any sense. Capricorns who are already in a secure relationship should be deeply thankful for that fact, and concentrate on keeping it that way no matter what. For the rest (for all but the most determinedly footloose and fancy-free) 2010 is a year of profound and life-changing developments – with many taking the plunge into marriage and setting up home together – or at least a big shift into definite commitment. For those at the other end of the scale and contemplating divorce or separation, you have our profound sympathy (coz it won’t be a quickie, nor easy).

Capricorn Career & Ambition: This is a big, big year for you, with more responsibility precipitating onto your shoulders and the task of sorting out what others have messed up (it would be dreadfully embarrassing if others had to sort out a fine mess you had made!). If you’re struggling with the constant problems of a parent (and/or a demandingly difficult boss) too, that wouldn’t be at all surprising – as God apparently believes you are quite indestructible and can take it wholesale. Mostly you’ll want to focus on career whenever you can, because the rewards of being the last one still standing can be very great. If, in addition to just coping with what life dishes out, you can achieve an ambition – any ambition – in 2010, it’ll be such an accomplishment you’ll never forget it as long as you live.