Icon_GeminiYour Stars 2010 – year ahead for Gemini

Although you’ve been unsure about what you should do with the next part of your life (some of your ideas have been a bit stratospheric), all that thinking, studying or travel is about to pay off in terms of career or other success. Your imagination will get more grounded and your thinking more practical as you realise that some of the fun things will simply have to be postponed in 2010 so that you can focus more on material and financial security. The second half of the year brings dramatic social trends that will be hard to resist and could breathe new life into the friendship or romance aspect of your life – but before you act you have to ask yourself: at what cost?

Gemini Romance: There’s a real buzz in the Gemini solar chart in 2010, though the best trends are benefiting friendships more than relationships. Geminis have not been completely grounded in their hopes and dreams of the future, of late. However, any kind of success can be quite an aphrodisiac and flexible Gemini may find that initial friendship quickly turns to something more exciting. In particular, bosses promoting a Gemini at work should watch out for outflanking moves by the Twins, who will apparently stop at nothing in 2010 once they fall for someone. It only remains to say that although conscience can be a real party-pooper, it is rarely ignored without consequence.

Gemini Career & Ambition: Even those Geminis who have been drifting somewhat aimlessly and for too long should get a welcome boost in 2010 as career potentials and other ambitions begin to shape up. As your social circle widens to include some very peculiar types, you’ll nonetheless benefit from such acquaintance because these are just the kind of people who are so good at ‘thinking out of the box’ and they may well hand you some new ideas about your future, on a plate!  A word of advice: don’t draw too much attention to yourself in 2010 if there are any skeletons in your cupboard – you never know who might be looking for bones to pick.