Your Stars 2010 – year ahead for Leo

Icon_LeoMake the most of 2010 Leo! It’s time to put your best foot forward, get seriously inspired and follow your vision – especially in the Spring. But try to restrain your impatience when dealing with loved ones; they may put up with it but at what price? There’s serious reading or studying to do as you slowly catch up on some basic things and try to master some difficult techniques; this will find more success in the second half of the year, as will out-of-the-blue travel plans. Be firm with yourself and actually track down the nature and cause of any grumbling health or dietary problems, not just assume what they are (especially in the run up to your birthday).

Leo Romance: Certainly there’s a breakthrough element to your relationship trends in 2010, Leo, although you probably can’t see it and won’t believe it for now. First there’s a lot of catching up to do – things you’ve grown unused to like just pleasing yourself and doing only what you want to do. You’ll have to work at it, but gradually those potentials will emerge until – ping! That’s the noise of a penny dropping and you finally understanding something about you and your relationships. A certain far-away person may prove less and less restrained in showing their interest in you during 2010, but in your own mind you’ll dwell on the practicalities and the likelihood (or not) of a magic carpet of love proving real.

Leo Career & Ambition: Stay focused Leo!  That’s the secret. Stay with it, keep going, work hard on your own stuff because that’s the way forward if you want to change your life for the better. Most Leos think they’ve got a book or two (or song, play or film-script) in them, but in 2010 this may actually prove to be true! You might be surprised at the interest shown in your ideas, though of course you’ll have to show genuine talent in what you’ve done, to get through the procedure. Oddly enough a creative breakthrough would be made abroad quicker than at home. Other than that, it’s plodding on with the usual stuff, but with added pressure from demanding customers or colleagues who seem to expect you to be able to work wonders!