Your Stars 2010 – year ahead for Libra

Icon_LibraQuite a significant year for you; you’ll have some new members for your fan club for one thing!  However, your responsibilities are weighing heavily on your shoulders – including those that were self-chosen. At first there is enough support but as the year goes on, the pressure intensifies, particularly from family. You’ll start comparing what you have to do with what you want to do. It’ll only take someone to let you down or openly dislike you and it’ll burst a boil of suppressed emotion – which might be a good thing – otherwise you may come across as very over-the-top as you try to compensate for buried or ignored feelings. The best advice is to learn your limits if you don’t know them – and stay within them.

Libra Romance: This is a serious-minded and sobering year for Libra on the whole, with plenty of meaningful issues to consider, so it may take the livelier attitude of someone close to you to jolly you out of it from time to time. With some interesting and spirited people to get to know, you won’t have time to get bored. For certain there will be developments relationship-wise, as someone you are close to enters a whole new and liberating phase in their existence. August is your hot-spot for passion as planetary lovers Venus and Mars dance gracefully hand-in-hand through Libra together. But mainly the focus is on sustaining good relationships within the family.

Libra Career & Ambition: This is a time of fulfilment for Libra, yet curiously it is also a time when successful (and older) Librans will feel they are carrying all the important burden of their life’s work, a burden difficult to shift without breaking it down unrecognisably into bits; a mantle seemingly impossible to pass on to another. 2010 is one of those years you feel good about getting through in one piece, when you look back on it – never mind achievement. Plenty of work will get done quite easily with God’s grace, but in retrospect you may wonder how you managed it.