Your Stars 2010 – year ahead for Pisces

Icon_PiscesEveryone has a time to look forward to with happy anticipation at some point in their lives; just such a time is coming up for you Pisces. How you’ve longed so much for it! The pattern of your long-term future is changing as previously forecast by us. 2010 is a time of transition for you. Some of that transition process has already been proving tough and difficult (for example the troubles caused by some folks who call themselves your friends); but some of it will be quite easy and natural. In the first half of the year travel plans have to be offset against the work and health situation (Pisces feet often play up first when health is not quite right). But on the plus side exciting financial trends offer the prospect of a new way of making money – and more ways to spend it too!

Pisces Romance: In general, Pisces are wondering what the rest of the world looks like as 2010 begins – this being the culmination of seven restless years. Luckily partners and friends are a steadying influence but it won’t stop you thinking: what about me? Where do my interests come in all this? That’s quite extraordinary for a star-sign that commonly accepts last place in the queue and bottom of the heap with barely a grumble. Whatever you’ve already got in relationships and friendships you’ll want more and better; you’ll want to see distinct and wide-ranging improvements. There may be fewer intimate moments in 2010, but quality is more important than quantity in this area. More importantly, new and developing friendships have real promise and help to illuminate the way forward.

Pisces Career & Ambition: After quite a strange and irrational period during 2009, Pisces is moving into clearer territory in 2010. This implies the chance not only to spread your wings, but also to improve your lifestyle generally and to move forward on some of your important goals. You’ll probably find that you can get ahead just by being what you are and doing what you already do – put like that it sounds quite easy!  There’s a lot of fairly physical work to do (and re-do) in the first half of the year and you won’t always feel you have the strength for it, but it’ll get done by-and-by, in its own time. Not so much an ambitious year; more one for going with the flow and disconnecting from hassle.