Your Stars 2010 – year ahead for Scorpio

Icon_ScorpioA meaningful year with some tough decisions to be made. In the first half of the year it’s about career or pushing to achieve something you really want to do; this won’t go smoothly but you’ll get there! In the second half, changes in your work environment may amount to a breakthrough, or at least a big improvement; this comes at a price however – you should make sure it’s one you’re prepared to pay. Making up your mind at each stage in the process is the most difficult bit. Certainly there’s plenty of appreciation coming your way as voluptuous Venus, planet of love and attraction, spends Sept-Dec in your sign! Lucky you!

Scorpio Romance: Proper serious relationships will flourish for Scorpio in 2010, but anything less will be coolly tested in true Scorpio fashion; in which case it will require several very conscious, properly focused discussions to get things functioning as they should. Family issues and uncertainties have been taking up rather a lot of your consciousness in 2009, but that’s about to change as Jupiter goes into your solar 5th house of fun, creativity and children in January, easing things in those areas and encouraging you to be more self-expressive. Then, in September and October scorching Venus and red-hot Mars sashay through Scorpio together in one almighty great planetary love-in; if you’re ready for passion at that time, then hot chilli will have nothing on your sauce!

Scorpio Career & Ambition: Anyone who works hard enough will get ahead in the end, of course; for you, early-2010 is the hardest work (sometimes with little or no apparent headway). The benefits will become more tangible during the middle part and second half of the year. The biggest changes are due in your work environment, either because you take the chance to change jobs or because the workplace changes quite dramatically around you; this could involve new personnel, an organisational idea that’s quite revolutionary, a newly designed block to work in – or just new décor. Make sure to safeguard your health, because feeling poorly is one thing that can always trip the plans and ambitions of the unwary.