Your Stars 2010 – year ahead for Taurus

Icon_TaurusThere’s only so much a body can do – and you’re sensible enough to recognise that your natural limitations have to be taken fully into account when you’re considering your hopes and dreams for the future. Mid-year discord over work or health issues doesn’t sound like peace-loving Taurus, but is perhaps part of a series of communication, transport or privacy problems. With love-planet Venus lingering in your solar relationship house in the last four months of 2010, that’s your chance to sort things out and come to a better understanding; it also marks an important time in all your close relationships.

Taurus Romance: Don’t read this if you’re loyally married (unless your partner is a sex-bomb!) or it might make you restless. What turns you on Taurus?  Whatever it is, it’s coming from your solar chart with steaming intensity during certain parts of 2010!  Whether it’s an age gap; a big difference in what each of you have achieved so far; their superior intellect or incredible wisdom – or maybe their foreign origins – you’ll be hooked on the power of love. What you are going to need in 2010 is that feeling of emotional power and connectedness; nothing less will satisfy.  During the Sept-Dec period you’ll be on full-steam-ahead with sights firmly set on getting things together. Steady now!

Taurus Career & Ambition: 2010 is set to be very hard-work for you, one way or another. For most Taureans this means actual work in a job that puts extra responsibility on your back, just to keep the job. Taureans living and/or working abroad have got the trickiest trends in 2010, with some quite sticky moments and challenges to overcome. However, if nobody else in the office is up to the mark for a particular foreign posting, that could represent a life-changing opportunity for you if you’re willing. Meeting some professional types socially early in the year won’t harm your prospects either, as it’s not what you know but who you know that often makes the most difference. Yes, there’s a lot to do back home – but did you really want to do it anyway?