Your Stars 2010 – year ahead for Virgo

Icon_Virgo2010 is partly about finding new and inventive ways to cope with all the demands on your purse. Virgos with children may find the financial pressures from them almost unbearable; even those without children may be struggling with the cost of life’s pleasures or past excesses. Is there some way in which you’ve been working against your own interests? Your energy and motivation are better in the second half of the year; until then, work behind the scenes to improve things. One warning: tax and insurance investigators have a way of catching up with folks who try to deceive them – and as you don’t want any nasty surprises you must keep your nose clean and your paperwork above-board.

Virgo Romance: At the turn of 2010, many Virgos are still unsure of their relationship prospects – or even of what they want from a relationship. But for sure they are going to find out pretty soon, one way or the other!  By mid-January 2010 the signs are on the wall, chalked up plain to see. This bodes well because whichever way things go, you can’t lose. If one person has to go out of your life, three come in. If one stays, you’ll wisely ignore the other three (who, by the way, think you’re the sexiest thing on two legs). The only question is: how much temptation can you actually withstand when you’re really being tested?  Oh, it’s a hard life for some!

Virgo Career & Ambition: We promised last year that Virgos would have the work in 2009, if they wanted it, and so it proved. But in 2010 you’ll be so focused on romance and your love-life, it’ll be the biggest-wonder-out if you’ve any strength left for work at all!  Remember this though: you’ll get what you earn this year, but you won’t get anything for nothing (nor in 2011 for that matter). Scheduling your payments is a very good idea, so that you don’t ‘forget’ and get yourself in a financial pickle. This year isn’t about ambition; it’s about keeping your head below-the-parapet and quietly working towards getting everything straightened out to your liking.