The Inner Secrets of Reality: Introduction

Everywhere we look we can see the same problem: people struggling mightily with a great lack of understanding of life and its processes.

Knowledge is everywhere, accessible as never before in human history! Yet the Queen of Knowledge is as closely attended as ever by her ancient handmaiden Utter Ignorance.

All-too-rarely is she attended instead by her beautiful consorts, Wisdom and Understanding. The inevitable consequence of this is confusion and misappropriated effort.

Clearly I cannot deliver ‘wisdom’ or ‘understanding’ to you like a cartload of bricks; that’s your bit. But I can provide some usefully-structured knowledge, which you will then need to check-out for yourself to the best of your ability.

Looking at the current stage of development of humankind, we can all see much that is inspiring, hopeful, encouraging and uplifting – but also many problems that still need to be addressed, many answers crying-out to be found. This is so in our own individual lives – also in the life of the world.

Speaking for myself and I’m sure for many others, I’m keenly aware that the increasing polarisation of modern life puts the human race and many other species of the world on a knife-edge, from which the flow could go either way.

It could flow towards a future Golden Age of mutual consideration, harmonious relationships and happy fulfilment for all; or it could slide into a nightmare of conflict, misery and destruction. In the 20th and early 21st century we can see both potentials, co-existing in roughly equal measure.

The wisest people seem to agree that we shall not remain on this knife-edge for long. The situation will start to shift one way or the other, in complete accordance with the freewill of all the species of Earth (particularly the human), during the current epoch. For most living in the early part of the 21st century, this means ‘within our lifetime’.

We have to ask ourselves: which of these outcomes do we want? All too soon there will be no middle way. If we do not actively make that choice, it will definitely be made for us – and in that case it might not be the outcome we would have chosen.

What we need now is hindsight beforehand – i.e. before Mother Earth wrinkles her brow in irritation and shrugs off the innocent along with the guilty. I aim to provide some of that early hindsight.

The myths of hundreds of primitive tribes and ancient cultures clearly record what ‘civilised’ histories do not and cannot (because they don’t reach back far enough). They show that Mother Earth has ‘shrugged her shoulders’ several times before during the human era. Many related traditions also predict with total clarity and conviction that she can and will do it again.

Even as I write these words there are already clear signs of the climate moving too-quickly-for-comfort away from what is ideal for human existence, with far too few of those in power taking these signs seriously, as warnings.

My hope is that the people of Earth can quickly replace ignorant and self-serving financial and political leaders with wise and loving people who can help steer us around the hairpin bend that, at the time of writing, still lies ahead.

Every being (human and otherwise) inhabiting Mother Earth is facing an unscripted period of transition during the early part of the 21st Century. How each of us fares within that process depends entirely upon our own attitudes, decisions and actions. How our culture fares in that process is also entirely dependent on the attitudes, decisions and actions of each one of us.

So I ask: what can be done in order to move forward into the era of relative peace and harmony that most ordinary people long for with all their hearts?

  1. Become more consciously aware of all our own thoughts and actions.
  2. Take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.
  3. Choose to be personally guided by The Virtues – regardless of what any other person is doing.

How and why these help (in both individual and social lives and in the life of the world as a whole) is one of many things this book is all about.

If you decide that you’ll willingly do this only when the people around you do the same; or that you’re not doing it because nobody else is that you know; then you are opting for the nightmare.

It’s too late for that kind of delay. You’d not only be one less counted for, you’d be one more counted against.

Do you ever wonder as I do, whether if in fact you’re doing enough? For all of my adult life I have instinctively dedicated myself unswervingly to raising my own consciousness to a level that I could respect. So that’s good.

I equally did my best to encourage and help those others around me who specifically asked for my help. I did this because none of us are separate. One person cannot progress spiritually without others also being encouraged to progress; equally one person cannot fall back without dragging others back with them. That’s a good effort on my part too. So where’s the problem? I think all of us are being stimulated to do more.

In writing this book I am trying to do more, just as my conscience urges. I have drawn upon whatever insight and vision I have; also some uncommon experiences of my own and fragments of far-memory; plus the combined wisdom and esoteric knowledge of my spirit-guides.

Hopefully the results of this will in turn stimulate other seekers of truth to find their own answers if they so choose.

As the great Chinese sage Lao Tzu stated all those centuries ago (‘The Tao that can be spoken is not the real Tao!’), the real answers have to be directly experienced and cannot be put into words, which are much too limiting and clumsy to do any more than hint at concepts that are essentially unlimited and all-encompassing.

The human brain, though a wondrous mechanism, is inadequate for the task of answering the questions of the soul.

To get the real answers mind has to detach from brain and seek direct experience and vision. What comes with that detachment is a whole other world-view, opening the path to what the great masters call enlightenment.

So the answers that can come from reading the words in this book may not be the real answers but they are at least a start – and we all have to start somewhere.

But a word to the wise: whatever your approach to life (particularly those who are inclined by nature to be ‘true believers’), please make your own judgement on what you read in these pages, as no one person has all the answers; no one person has perfect vision; no one person is infallibly correct. It only works if it works for you, so take what you want and discard the rest as irrelevant to you; this is exactly as it should be.

I offer what I can here with a good heart. The rest is up to you – and to those whom you may influence simply by choosing to be the best person you can be. Between us all, we can shift the flow of Earth’s destiny towards a better future for all.